In the center of the lessons stands the development of the individuality. For this reason a first (free) meeting/lesson is necessary.

The lessons are based on different elements:

– Music theory
– Music history
– Harmony
– Art of piano playing / ensemble playing

Duration of the lessons:

there are different possibilities on agreement, but our preference is:

weekly one lesson of one hour for students in age of 12 years and older

weekly one lesson of 45 minutes for students in age of 8 till 12 years

weekly one lesson of 30 minutes for students in age of 4 till 8 years

A few times during the season we organize group activities, such as attending a concert, lectures, ensemble playing, group lessons, student concerts.


You can start the lessons any time during the season. The exact time of the lessons are by agreement available on all days of the week, accept for mondays. During school holidays there normally are no lessons.


47,50 excl.21% BTW p/hour in the season 2020-2021 (up until 20 years the lessons are free of BTW)


Koningstraat 20  5328 BD Rossum gld – main location.