CONCERTS of IPAA Teachers & Students

coming events:

25th may 2019:   IPAA students concert: ‘Art of piano solo’

Famous works by Bach, Chopin, Schubert, Franck, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Kosenko

Flyer25 mei 2019

Programm: 1930h start Concert – 2030 break – 2145 end
Location: De Woudkapel / Beethovenlaan 21 (hoek Sweelincklaan) / 3723 JJ Bilthoven
Entrance: €10,- (contant; incl. coffee/tea in the break)
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previous events:

7th april 2018:   Lecture by prof. Elvira Van Domburg-Okuneva & public Try-out for concert of 6th may

Russian pianomusic style in the beginning of the 20th century: S. Rachmaninoff and A. Scriabin

Korte biografie van Elvira van Domburg-Okuneva

Programm:     1600h start Lecture  – 1700h short performance by IPAA teachers  –  1715h break – 1730h public Try-out
Location: Pianosalon Emile van Leenen,  Lammermarkt 59, 2312 CM Leiden –
Entrance: € 15,- (contant; incl. coffee/tea in the break and free entrance to Try-out)
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6th may 2018:   IPAA students concert: Art of piano solo and accompaniment

organ: Rob Nederlof

Programm: 1430h start piano & organ – 1515h break – 1530 pianosolo – 1630 end
Location: Petrus & Pauluskerk, Vierwindenlaan 11, 5037 MN Tilburg
Entrance: €10,- (contant; incl. coffee/tea in the break)
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3rd june 2018:   IPAA teachers concert: Summerconcert Quatre Mains & Solo

Programm: 1430h start concert – 1600h end concert: Meet & Greet in the foyer of the theatre
Location: Luc Lutz zaal, Isalatheater Capelle a/d IJssel, Stadsplein 5, 2903 HH Capelle a/d IJssel
Entrance: €20,- / €12,50 till18yr/SKVR-leerlingen

Successful solo and chamber music Concert of IPAA students:
Geertekerk Utrecht – 01/04/2017 –

Concert of IPAA students in Piano Salon of Emile van Leenen:
23/04/2016 Lammermarkt 59, Leiden –

Concert of Students and Teachers at the opening of IPAA in Den Bosch!
04/10/2015 -St. Janskerkhof 15, Den Bosch